What we do

Connecting linguists in Zurich

The Zurich Center for Linguistics (LiZZ) is a group of institutes and individuals who are involved in linguistic research in Zurich and who share common interests and resources. In administrative terms it belongs to the Faculty of Arts of the University of Zurich.

Our mission

Our central aim is to strengthen linguistics in Zurich. In detail:

  • We promote scientific exchange and joint research projects.
  • We pool technical and knowledge resources.
  • We strive to build common training programmes.
  • We inform the general public about linguistics.

Structure of LiZZ

On the top level LiZZ is constituted by several institutes. Below that three groups of persons are relevant:

  • The members form the base of LiZZ. They assemble one to two times a year to discuss central issues in a plenary. Regular members must be employed by UZH. Other linguists affiliated with UZH can become associate members. They have the same rights as regular members but cannot be elected into the executive board.
  • The executive board discusses decisions that are to be made by the plenary assembly and prepares the annual budget and other reports. Its members are free to make minor decisions by themselves.
  • The employees are committed to the projects affiliated to LiZZ. 
  • The coordination office is responsible for LiZZ's daily routine. It assists the members and particularly the executive board in all organisational tasks and in managing finances and human resources, and communication.

More information on how to become a member can be found on here.