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Zurich Center for Linguistics



The LiZZ-Gespräche are public a public event with the aim of promoting direct and personal dialogue among LiZZ members and everybody else interested in linguistics. Everybody sharing an interest in linguistics is welcome to join!

Keep an eye out for updates on the next LiZZ-Gespräch scheduled for the spring term 2024!

Drop a note if you wish to receive a save-the-date once dates and topics are confirmed:




LiZZ-Gespräche in the past

4th LiZZ-Gespräch on "Diversity and Inclusion" – 20.11.2023 Podcast 4. LiZZ-Gespräch. Panel: Prof. Dr. Tobias Haug (Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik), Prof. Dr. Susanne Kempi-Preti (Interkantonale Hochschule für Heilpädagogik), Prof. Dr. Nathalie Giroud (UZH), Dr. Eva Zehentner (UZH, Moderation)

3rd LiZZ-Gespräch on "Interdisciplinarity in the classroom: more linguistics in more subjects?" – December 06, 2022 Podcast 3rd LiZZ-Gespräch. Panel: Dr. Matthias Friedli (Schweizer Idiotikon; Neue Kanti Aarau), Christoph Hottiger (UZH), Lara Dredge-Zehnder (Alte Kanti Aarau; Co-Leiterin Fachgruppe Deutsch), Dr. Janine Richner-Steiner (Kantonsschule Wettingen) and Prof. Dr. Noah Bubenhofer (UZH, moderation)

2nd LiZZ-Gespräch on "Linguistics in School" – April 28, 2022 Podcast 2nd LiZZ-Gespräch. Panel: Dr. Harald Völker (UZH), Elisa Papathanassiou (UZH, Project "Linguistik an Mittelschulen" of SSG), Dr. Aleksandar Popov (HSGYM; Rektor KZO Wetzikon), Dana Niederhäuser (winner of the gold medal of Schweizer Linguistik-Olympiade 2022) and Prof. Marianne Hundt (UZH, moderation)

Kick-Off-Event on "Linguistics in 20 Years" – October 21, 2021 Podcast Kick-Off LiZZ-Gespräch. Panel: LiZZ members Prof. Balthasar Bickel, Prof. Francesco Gardani, Prof. Lena Jäger, Prof. Elisabeth Stark and Prof. Guido Seiler (moderation)