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Zurich Center for Linguistics


How to become a professor in linguistics

What's it about?
The coaching sessions are tailored for doctoral and post-doctoral students who are considering a university career with the goal of becoming a professor in the field of linguistics/language science. The expectations of young linguists will be made explicit, and real case studies will be used to discuss factors that determine success. Participants will gain insights into the practice of habilitation and appointment procedures. One session is specifically reserved for first-generation academics (i.e. young researchers who do not have an academic family background). Members of the UZH have the possibility to receive ECTS credits.  Further information on conditions and credits can be found in the module catalog:

Dates and topics:

05.10.23, 14-16 - Preliminary meeting, detailed planning, room KOL-H-317
26.10.23, 14-18 - All about the habilitation process; how to finance a life as postdoc; mobility, room RAA-G-01 Aula klein
09.11.23, 14-18 - Application documents (letter of motivation, research statement etc.); test lecture; interview, room KOL-H-317
30.11.23, 14-18 - Session reserved for first generation academics*, room KOL-E-13 EV

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Sarah Krause
Koordinatorin LiZZ