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Zurich Center for Linguistics

CLARIN-CH is the Swiss node of the pan-European Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure CLARIN. Concretely, CLARIN-CH is a consortium of Swiss higher education institutions, which offers support to researchers who work with language data in all its modalities (text, speech, multimodal, experimental, historical, etc.). CLARIN-CH works in close partnership with the Linguistic Research Infrastructure-LiRI (UZH) and the SWISSUbase national repository to facilitate the access of Swiss researchers to specialised services.

Among CLARIN-CH’s lines of actions are:

  • Implementation of national working groups addressing crucial issues raised by language data in the context of Open Science (e.g. management of sensitive data, copyright and licences)
  • Creation of a national knowledge hub which provides documentation, training and support
  • Participation in joint funding applications in the context of the national Open Research Data programme

Learn more about CLARIN-CH by visiting the website or participating in one of the upcoming events.

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National Coordinator
Dr. Cristina Grisot

Content Officer
Seraina Nadig


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