LiZZ Research Talks


The LiZZ Research Talks provide an ideal opportunity for doctoral students to present and discuss their work in progress. It is conceived as a public and yet protected setting in which to address (still) unfinished ideas and current problems and to get a feedback from the audience. 

In the Fall Semester 2022 The LiZZ Research Talks will take place in room FRE-D-15, Freiestrasse 36 (City Campus) on two afternoons:

06.10.2022, from 15:00 until 19:00 
24.11.2022, from 15:00 until 19:00 

If you want to reserve a slot during one of these blocks please get in touch with Sarah Krause (

Follow the link to the Module Catalogue to find out more on how to get credits for the course.



Further Colloquials / Lecture Series in the field of linguistics Fall 2022


In the Fall Semester 2022 , the URPP Language and Space has organized a Ringvorlesung Language(s) and Spaces: Switzerland As a "Special Case"? (programinstead of the usual colloquium (Kolloquium des UFSP Sprache und Raum). Also consider the colloquium of the URPP Language and Space and other PhD colloquia in the field of linguistics (Linguistische Kolloquien für Doktorierende).

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