Simone Pfenninger in the UZH news

Simone Pfenninger's much-cited long-term study, which contributes to the optimal age debate in foreign language learning, has now reached the UZH Media Relations. Under the heading Anyone who is good at German learns English better the results have been made accessible to a large audience.

Recent media contributions on this subject have predominantly focused on the ideal age of onset of second language acquisition.In this respect Pfenninger's study showed that late starters' long-term achievement in instructional settings matches the supposedly advantaged performance of early starters. The UZH press release now reports on other aspects of Pfenninger’s study, namely the analysis of factors (beyond the age factor) that contribute to the success of a foreign language learner, such as good literacy skills in their first language.

Simone Pfenninger in 10vor10 on 27 August 2014
Simone Pfenninger in 10vor10 on 6 June 2014

Charlotte Meisner