New episode of angesprochen. The linguistic podcast: Two countries divided by a common language? British and American English

 angesprochen is a monthly series of interviews where we talk with linguists about their present research. In April 2015 Robert Schikowski and Juliane Schröter talked to Marianne Hundt (UZH, English Department) about British and American English and possible misunderstandings between speakers of the two varieties.

When men are searching for their suspenders and innocent passengers get into a murderous mood, something must have gone wrong with the communication between speakers of American and British English. We talk with Marianne Hundt (UZH, English Department) about how and how often such misunderstandings occur. How have the differences between the two varieties come about historically? Do the varieties still drift apart even today - or do they become more and more similar to each other? What's the relation between BE and AE and other, less dominant varieties?

Charlotte Meisner