New episode of angesprochen. The linguistic podcast: Can you feel the beat? Rhythm in language

angesprochen is a monthly series of interviews where we talk with linguists about their present research. In January 2015 Robert Schikowskiand Juliane Schröter talked to Stephan Schmid (UZH, Phonetics Laboratory) about rhythm. 

Rhythm seems to be one of the most obvious features in which languages can differ. Who wouldn't agree, for instance, that German has a different "beat" from Italian? In this interview with Stephan Schmid (UZH, Phonetics Laboratory), we find out that empirically, rhythm is not that simple to pin down. It is possible, though, for instance in second language acquisition research, where the rhythm of learners is measurably different from that of native speakers, if sometimes in unexpected ways. 

Charlotte Meisner