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Zurich Center for Linguistics

Program and abstracts

Thursday, 06 Dec 2018

Section 1         What is Language - from within?
08.30-08.45 Introduction Dr. Lena Baunaz and Lee Barasch
(Universität Zürich)
08.45-09.30 Much of language is not language

Abstract (PDF, 179 KB)

Prof. Michal Starke
(University of Tromsø)
09.30-10.15 Learning inflection: the roles of frequency, neighbourhood density and typology

Abstract (PDF, 187 KB)

Prof. Elena Lieven
(University of Manchester)
10.15-10.45 Coffee Break  
10.45-11.30 On the hierarchical nature of linguistic representations

Abstract (PDF, 188 KB)

Prof. Luigi Rizzi
(Université de Genève)
11.30-12.15 The extraction of parts-of-speech from child-surrounding speech

Abstract (PDF, 179 KB)

Prof. Sabine Stoll
(Universität Zürich)
12.15-13.45 Lunch Break  
13.45-14.30 Grammatical and conceptual ontology

Abstract (PDF, 35 KB)

Dr. Isabelle Roy
(U Paris 8 / CNRS – UMR 7023)
14.30-15.15 We’ll never discover what is external, and what is internal, to language without multi-methodological approaches

Abstract (PDF, 208 KB)

Prof. Caroline Rowland
(Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen)
15.15-15.45 Coffee Break  
15.45-16.30 From language acquisition to linguistic theory: the case of clitics

Abstract (PDF, 205 KB)

Prof. Maria Teresa Guasti
(Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)
16.30-17.15 Grammatical categories: essential or emergent?

Abstract (PDF, 209 KB)

Prof. Heike Behrens
(Universität Basel)
17.30-18.15 Round Table animated by

Prof. Tom Leu
(Univeristé de Québec à Montréal)


Friday, 07 Dec 2018

Section 2         What is Language - from without?
08.30-08.50 Introduction Prof. Volker Dellwo
(Universität Zürich)
08.50-09.35 What have speakers got to do with language anyway?

Abstract (PDF, 276 KB)

Dr. Rachel Smith
(University of Glasgow)
09.35-10.25 Perceiving and producing affective prosody during speech

Abstract (PDF, 22 KB)

Prof. Sascha Frühholz
(Universität Zürich)
10.20-10.45 Coffee Break  
10.45-11.30 The interaction of linguistic structure and speaker-dependent information in speech

Abstract (PDF, 299 KB)

Dr. Willemijn Heeren
(Universiteit Leiden)
11.30-12.15 Dynamics of indexical information in speech


Thayabaran Kathiresan
(Universität Zürich)

Prof. Volker Dellwo
(Universität Zürich)

12.15-13.00 The value of experience: Leveraging shared indexical structure in understanding novel talkers

Abstract (PDF, 183 KB)

Prof. Stephanie Borrie
(Utah State University)
13.00-14.30 Lunch Break  
14.30-15.30 What is Linguistics?

Abstract (PDF, 234 KB)

Prof. Frederick Newmeyer
(U British Columbia)
15.30-16.30 Round Table
animated by

Prof. Marianne Hundt
(Universität Zürich)

Prof. Balthasar Bickel
(Universität Zürich)

Prof. Johannes Kabatek
(Universität Zürich)

Prof. Frederick Newmeyer
(U British Columbia)