Interdisciplinary studies

The ZüKL institutes offer two interdisciplinary Master's courses and one interdisciplinary PhD Programme.

Historical Linguistics

"Historical Linguistics" builds a bridge between Indo-European studies and language-specific philologies. The course comprises the study of theoretical aspects of language change and the methodology of reconstruction but does not restrict itself to Indo-European languages in order to achieve a wider perspective.

Historical linguistics can be studied by students who have a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in a linguistic discipline and is available in two variants (75 CP with Master's thesis, 45 CP without Master's thesis).

Multilingual Text Analysis

The programme "Multilingual Text Analysis" combines language-specific and comparative corpus linguistics with computational-linguistic methods and technologies, in particular with parallel corpus analysis. The demand for university graduates with linguistic technology skills is rapidly increasing throughout the world, thus making multilingualism a coveted competence.

Applicants for this programme must have completed a Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) with a stipulated minimum number of credit points in linguistics and computer linguistics. MLTA itself can be completed with 75, 90, or 105 CP.

Doktoratsprogramm Linguistik

The PhD Programme Linguistics ("Linguistic Structure - Linguistic Variation - Linguistic History") is the programme for all PhD students who want to work and study in an open, interdisciplinary, and international environment. About 20 researchers from all ZüKL institutes offer supervision on a wide range of diverse topics, from language-specific disciplines such as English and German Linguistics to cross-linguistic ones such as General Linguistics and Computational Linguistics.