Finances and funding

How is ZüKL funded?

ZüKL gets its funding from two sources:

  • The Faculty of Arts supports ZüKL with an annual sum, which is mainly used for covering running expenses (coordination units). This sum is calculated every two years anew on the base of a survey of the acquistion of third party funding by the various linguistic departments.
  • The Department of Research and Academic Career Development granted ZüKL an initial support, which as of now (28 July 2014) is almost used up.

Can ZüKL fund my projects, too?

The annual support ZüKL gets from the Faculty of Arts is not high enough to support external projects on a regular base. There are only a few exceptions:

  • If you have an idea for a long-term project that is in line with ZüKL's mission, please contact us. We can provide human ressources and, depending on the project, financial support on a low scale. Research projects are excluded.
  • Short-term projects such as conferences and workshops present a special case. These can only be supported if at least three departments participate in the organisation of the event and at least two ZüKL members are involved.
  • Occasionally ZüKL acquires third party funding itself, which can then be redistributed to members under specific conditions, as in the case of KLIP. Members are notified and can apply for funding in a competitive procedure.