Veröffentlichungen und Resultate

Konferenzbeiträge und Proceedings

  • EEG Resting-State Indices as Markers of Foreign-Language Aptitude in Older Adults (August 2019). Society for the Neurobiology of Language Conference, Helsinki, Finnland.
  • Computer-assisted language learning in old adulthood: How duolingo can or cannot complement classroom-based learning (Mai 2019, Vortrag). UZH-UNIGE Workshop on Computers in L2 Learning and Assessment, Zürich, Schweiz.
  • Variation in the third age: A preliminary look at intraindividual differences across L2 learner trajectories (April 2019, Vortrag). Workshop ”Intraindividuelle Variation in der Sprache”, Salzburg, Österreich.
  • Learning a new language in third age: The Role of Cognition and the Aging Brain (Mai 2018, Poster Präsentation). HaBilNet1, Brüssel, Belgien.

Artikel in wissenschaftlichen Zeitschriften

Kliesch, M., Pfenninger S. (submitted). Cognitive and Socio-Affective Predictors of L2 Micro- Development in Late Adulthood: A Longitudinal Intervention Study.

Kliesch, M., Pfenninger S., Meyer M. (in prep.). Cognitive benefits of learning additional languages in the third age? It depends.