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How to use ZämeLing

You can search for linguistic courses in the ZämeLing database using the form above. The database is generated automatically by a crawler looking through the relevant pages of the online course catalogue (OCC) of the UZH. Anything that is not in the OCC cannot be found via ZämeLing either. The departments updating the OCC are solely responsible for its contents.

Several idiosyncrasies of the OCC are also reflected by ZämeLing:

  • It is impossible to determine the main organizer of a course from the OCC. Instead of this, a list of all institutes that included the course in one of their own modules is given.
  • Large courses often have several instances. For example, an introductory practical course may be split into several groups meeting at different times. Should those instances have differing names (e.g. "Introduction (Group A)" vs "Introduction (Group B)"), a common name for the course is generated by our search tool. However, the names of the instances are preserved and can be searched for.
  • Occasionally providers enter what should be several different courses sharing a module as instances of a single course. It is impossible for ZämeLing to disambiguate these cases.
  • Similarly, sometimes what should be one module gets entered as several modules with essentially the same name. Such cases may again appear in ZämeLing's results, too.
  • The field "Subject" in the search form above searches through the contents of the field "Bestandteil von" ('part of') in the OCC. While this field is intended for the subject(s) a module belongs to, any text may be entered into it, so subjects like "Pflichtmodul" ('required module') or "Assessmentstufe" ('assessment level') also commonly appear.